Juice Wrld popped pills before seizure that caused his departure says police as photographs from the scene is published

The gossip about Juice Wrld site released a photo of the marijuana and luggage in the jet terminal in Midway.

In a prior interview, Juice Wrld spoke candidly about his experiences with Lean, Percocet and Xanax into NME:”Medicines can destroy your entire life.

They can leave you in a trance for the remainder of your life,

When you aren’t killed by them.

American rapper, Juice Wrld, who was famous to be open about his battles with drug addiction and mental health, died December 8, 2019, from a seizure on Sunday.

A day after his departure that was shocking, TMZ has now released more details and it was promised

he popped pills about the Jet he flew , and 70 pounds. Pot were on board .

The 21-year-old Chicago rapper whose real name was Jarad Anthony Higgins has been bleeding from the mouth

when paramedics got to the spectacle and suffered a seizure

after coming Chicago’s Midway airport.

“Most rappers rap about getting high and feeling great.

However, I talk about the fantastic side and the negative.

Just to shed some light onto the negative side.”

Read full report by TMZ below. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ… that the FBI confiscated the massive stash of weed from several suitcases that were on board the flight.

We got this photo of the marijuana and luggage in the jet terminal.
Juice’s cause of death hasn’t been determined…

that the Cook County Medical Examiner will conduct an autopsy on Monday.

We’re told one of the associates of Juice told police the rapper includes a Percocet problem.

Our law enforcement sources say a bottle of codeine cough syrup has been discovered on the airplane.

Based on law enforcement, many members of Juice team aboard the flight — which landed around 1 AM Sunday —

advised them had shot”several unknown pills

” before the seizures which led to him getting rushed to a hospital.

Juice Wrld, celebrity rapper is dead in 21

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