Apple claims to’carefully’ analyze Crimea map controversy

“We’re taking a look at global legal standards in addition to applicable US and local. Apple claims to’carefully’ analyze Crimea map legislation prior to taking any decision on potential changes of the Programs program. We’ll make those changes if they’re required.”
When utilized in Russia, its cities Simferopol and Sevastopol and crimea have as land on Apple’s programs been shown since Wednesday. They seem as undefined when viewed from different nations.
US internet giant Google, for its part, doesn’t attach any nation name.
“We will study more closely the issue of designating contested boundaries in our solutions,” Apple said in a written statement to AFP, adding it might”adjust its strategy”.
Moscow has been placing pressure on businesses that are foreign to reevaluate the Black Sea peninsula.

Apple claims to’carefully’ analyze Crimea map

But current Russian laws required that”we upgrade the program for Russian customers”, it stated.

Ukraine lashed out in Apple this week, stating the US technology giant didn’t”give a damn” about the annoyance of the Ukrainian men and women.

From the announcement, Apple said it hadn’t made any alterations to Crimea Russia on its Programs app’s map.

Russia annexed Crimea at a move condemned by the majority of the community at 2014 from Ukraine.
A number of Russian press released headlines Thursday stating that”Apple recognises the Crimea is Russian”.

Lawmakers said that Apple had complied to seem on weather programs and its own maps as land.

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