Antoinne Griezmann admits his poor relationship with Lionel Messi

Following reports imply Antoinne Griezmann admits his poor relationship with Lionel Messi, both strikers do not get together with each other,

france celebrity, Antoine Griezmann has spoken about his connection with Lionel Messi.

“He is (Messi) that the kind of player that we are not likely to watch again for 40 decades and it is a joy to see him in action.

“I am fairly shy and occasionally have difficulties talking to other people,” Antoinne Griezmann admits his poor relationship with Lionel Messi.

Ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League clash against Borussia Dortmund, Griezmann informed

“I am in the process of studying and knowing how my team-mates perform as what’s brand new to me.

Four LaLiga aims have been scored by griezmann and provided three aids however,

his performances have been underwhelming asserting Barca might promote him to resign Neymar summer.

It is my aim to get to grips with this as soon as possible so that I will provide my all but at times’

Griezmann has lacked chemistry together with Lionel Messi saying which they speak to each other.

Last month, Griezmann confessed to finding it”hard” to associate to Messi as neither of these are naturally large talkers.

“At present when I get the ball I’ve a definite lack of confidence at when to pass when to take on target, this I am sure is something which will change with the passage of time”

“It is rare that I hit up a dialogue.

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