(Picture: ITV)

Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) has taken part in — and orchestrated — quite a few scams over the years in Emmerdale, but it turns out that there’s another one in her past that viewers are currently unaware of — and this one is somehow connected to village returnee, Mandy (Lisa Riley).

In the coming episodes, Zak calls Dingle Court in session when Mandy is spotted trying to hack into Lydia’s (Karen Blick) bank account. Not to keen on the idea, the Dingle legend makes a run for it — with her son Vinny (Bradley Johnson) in tow — but she’s caught and brought back to the make-shift courtroom before long.

In spite of her resistance, Mandy finally reveals the truth to her family: that both she and Vinny were recently running a casino card counting scam in a number of establishments run by this Terry.

During her explanation, viewers will learn that Charity was involved in the dodgy dealings as well!


As of yet, the the time in which this scam took place is not known, but Charity clearly has more knowledge than she’s letting on.

A shock twist, for sure! The question is: how much involvement did Charity actually have? What’s more, what was her role in the scam?